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  1. Lindsay and Alan - London says:

    Not a guest but a friend. What a brilliant summation of our experience of staying at this wonderful piece of paradise. We were taking a tour all the way across Micronesia, and the accommodation, the food and the diving at Pacific Treelodge were all excellent news. The rooms are set between the ocean and the mangroves, and the beds are comfy, the rooms are air-conditioned, clean and well maintained. The food was varied and of excellent quality (Maria is Italian and has imported a pizza oven and the kitchen hosts an Italian night once a week with pizza and pasta on the menu). Film night (also once a week) was a surreal experience, watching on a billowing tarpaulin whilst eating fish just caught that day. And the Mangrove Crabs were so tasty, cooked to perfection.
    We were there to dive, and both Mark and Maria accompanied us in the water over the week or so we were there. Not so many sharks as elsewhere in Micronesia, but stunningly healthy reefs, spectacular visibility and no other divers in sight. Just perfect.
    When we were due to leave, our plane was cancelled, but we didn’t have to worry at all. Maria dealt with the airline and got them to pay all our bills, she also helped us contact our next resort to let them know we were delayed. AND it gave us an extra couple of days to enjoy Kosrae. What an excellent result.
    Make sure you stay at Pacific Treelodge.

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi! We spent five wonderful days in Kosrae at the end of December 2012, during our honeymoon trip. We stayed at the Treelodge Resort and we had a happy time there. Mark and Maria are very nice guests and the Resort, between the seaside and the mangrovia forest, is a very special place and it’s really worth eating at the Bully’s restaurant.
    We hope to go back there sooner or later,
    Barbara and Marco

  3. We spent two weeks on Kosrae which has all the attributes of an tropical island; a lush and rugged green interior circled by coral beaches and dense mangove forests. As everyone mentioned who spent time at Treelodge, Maria and Mark were the perfect hosts in providing us with a “Home away from Home”. We snorkeled off Mark’s dive boat, enjoyed the sunset in Okat harbor, hiked through the forest to the Menka ruins and explored the Utwa-Walung Mongrove channel. One of our favorite pastime was to hang out on the deck at the edge of the lagoon, read, have drink and enjoy the delicious snacks and meals prepared by the ladies at Bully’s.

  4. Seth Sherman says:

    Every place that I have visited has either been for too long or short. Kosrae is one of those places that, no matter how long you stay, you’ll wish you stayed longer. The island is exquisite, with lush, verdant landscapes, sculptured mountains that seem to rise from nowhere, the beautiful azure equatorial Pacific surrounding the island and the people. The people are always smiling, introducing themselves and inviting you into their homes. The effect is the proverbial island paradise, the way we envision it: easy & unspoiled.

    And THE place to stay on Kosrae is the Pacific Treelodge Resort. As every other reviewer has indicated, Mark & Maria are incredible hosts & their young son, Ochie, is as cute as he can be. They will do anything they can to facilitate your stay and to make it unforgettable. When my underwater camera broke, they sold me theirs, below cost, so I wouldn’t miss that part of my diving experience.

    And, in addition to the great food, location & ambience, their restaurant, Bully’s, is the watering hole for both locals & ex-pats, so it’s the ideal place to meet people.

    In closing, visit Kosrae and stay at the Pacific Treelodge. You won’t be disappointed. Your only possible mistake may be mine: my visit was too short.

  5. Aaron Miller says:

    After island hopping through the pacific, my stay at the Treelodge was my favorite part of the entire trip. The price is incredible considering what you get: perfect location near the beach, great service, big clean rooms, TV, free wi-fi. The food is fantastic too. Try anything eggplant related!

  6. Robert Hodel says:

    I highly recommend the Pacific Treelodge Resort. My dad and I recently travelled through Micronesia, and the Pacific Treelodge was the best hotel we encountered. The food at Bully’s was fantastic. My dad and I still talk about the grilled fish sandwich–weeks afterward! Mark and Maria really re-defined good service. I recall using my laptop on the porch in front of the lobby late on a windy night, and Mark came by, unlocked the door to the office, and let me use the wi-fi while seated on a comfortable couch in the office. That’s what I call personalized service. I was sad when we had to leave because both my dad and I would miss the friendly staff at the hotel and at Bully’s, but I hope to return soon.

  7. Mary Taufetee says:

    Have you ever tried their beef and chicken soup????.. mmmmuuhh! I tell you, the Treelodge Resort and their Bully Restaurant makes me feel at home. The meals were great! This is my first time in Kosrae. I’m from American Samoa and I came here to attend the Conservation Planning Training, regarding the Yela KA Forest of Kosrae.

    There are couple of things I’ve always wanted any places to have is feeling comfortable with the environment and safety. Maria and Mark, thank you very much for looking after for our safety. Your immediate respond to our call at that night means alot to me. It shows that you do care for the safety of your customers. Thank you.

    But here is my other experienced with the Treelodge. I’ve never found any hotel management as I travel around the world, that really treats you not only their customer, but treats you as a member of their family. Thank you Maria and your staff. The day I checked out from the hotel, all I wanted is to pay my bill and go to the airport. I believe I left without my $10.00 change from Maria. However, when my flight was about to board from Kosrae at 3:30pm, a Kosraean guy approached me and said, there’s someone wants to see you outside. It was one of Maria’s staff who came all the way from the hotel to the airport to give me my $10.00 change from Maria. WOW…!!! I was suprised…I said to myself, is this real…? No other people would dare go that far just to give that lousy $10? If it was some other hotel, I will never see this happen. But no doubt about it…only at TREELODGE RESORT you’ll find this kind of honesty and best management. Thank you for keeping that honesty management.

    Thank you Maria! I will always remember the Treelodge and the Bully’s Restaurant with their great beef and chicken soup….keep up your good services. Hope to visit your hotel some other day. KULO…

    With many many thanks,

    Mary Taufetee

  8. Aaron and Thida McClure says:

    Thida and I had a wonderful time at Pacific Treelodge. We spent four full days there and wish we had scheduled more of the vacation there. Mark and Maria bent over backwards to do everything possible to make our stay an enjoyable one. I must compliment the cooks at Bully’s. They are the best. Remember to try the Tarot bread it is excellent.

    I am a ham radio operator WD0FAA from the states and operated V63FAA. When we arrived Mark and Maria put me in a room that allowed me to string up two 1/2 wave end fed antennas. I was able to work stations throughout North America along with Europe, South America, Australia, Russia and Asia giving them credit for Kosrae (IOTA OC-059) and the V63 prefix. If you are a ham please consider this location for your next vacation.

    Aaron and Thida

  9. Arianna - Milano says:

    This ‘resort’ is one of the most peaceful and relaxing ever seen, you can enjoy both the sea and the peace of a walk in the forest, while kayaking in the channels. The restaurant is simple beautiful and offers tasty dishes, especially if you want to taste the typical dishes and the special fried eggplants. Air-conditioned rooms, free internet under the porch and hospitality.

  10. Annie D. says:

    If you want to see Kosrae you must stay with Maria and Mark at the Pacific Treelodge Resort. The resort is lovely and affordable, and sits just seconds from the beach where you can snorkel, swim or kayak, and is a bike ride away from the town of Tofol and Lelu Ruins. The Treelodge will customize any tour, hike, dive, snorkel, or kayak trip you desire. I took the 0.8 mile hike to Menke Ruins with Salik, a local guide. It is about 2 hours each way on a jungle trail, and Salik pointed out a number of species of plants and animals throughout the hike. Kayaks, bicycles, and scuba and snorkel gear are available for use at your leisure from the lodge. I was welcomed with open arms and treated like family. Maria set me right up with an apartment that had a full kitchen with coffee maker, cooking utensils, dishes, a refrigerator, television, phone, and air conditioning! The fridge was stocked daily with Bud Light, soft drinks, water and snacks. Bully’s Restaurant is delightful. The menu includes an Italian flare and local specialties. My favorites were the fresh grilled fish and the grilled eggplant. Excellent coffee too! The diving in Kosrae was everything I expected, and more. Micronesia Eco Divers at The Treelodge uses top-quality scuba equipment, and Mark will take you on as many dives as your heart desires. One of my favorite dive sites was Yela-the mountains of coral never end. The Treelodge is a truly magical place with first-class hospitality! Thank you Maria and Mark for taking such good care of me. Annie – Houston, Texas

  11. Cindy Haro says:

    Fabulous diving-so few places like Kosrae with unlimited visibility and everything from pelagics and resting eels to colorful anemones and spectacular coral on every dive. And the kind of wonderful personal attention you get from Mark and Maria is unmatched anywhere. For those forced surface intervals, try the river and ocean kayaking or hiking to the ancient stone village. Don’t forget movie night or the sunset cruise, either. TreeLodge is a relaxing wonderful place that is worth the travel time.

  12. Rie Araki says:

    Treelodge is in perfect peace tropical island Kosrae. Full of non developed nature and extremaly warm people. It’s not somewhere like Guam nor Hawaii. Only a few tourist visit.
    On the island, restaurant with the best beautiful location is in Treelodge reaort accomodation. The resort is just in front of calm shalow bay. During night, li…ght uped handmade boadwalk leads us through mysterious mangrove forest. When it reaches the river, something looks like huge white sails apprears. This is the Bully’s restaurant. It looks so beautiful.
    In morning, you need nothing but just sit there and breathe. River flow, birds sing, mangrove leaves chat and calm breeze say touch your face. Lovely family, Mark, Maria and baby Oceanno helps us to have fun, scuba diving, snokeling, sunset sail, kayak and others. They also have rent car and bycicle.
    The island is not developed. There are no banana boat. But there was something we didn’t know.
    Rie Araki, Tokyo

  13. Emily A Clößner says:

    I lived on Kosrae for a year, and Treelodge was like my second home. Friendly (and hilarious) staff, excellent diving, good food–I miss it!

  14. Veronica Bennett says:

    Fantastic diving, incredible visibility and awesome diversity of fish. Incredibly friendly people everything you could possible ask of a place Treelodge has it!
    Veronica Bennett, England

  15. Teresa Chan says:

    “Diving in Micronesia is an unforgettable experience with stunning levels of visibility and a plethora of sea life. It’s not uncommon to see a dolphin, a family of rays, and a sea turtle all on the same dive!

    I am very pleased with the dive trips Mark and Maria from Treelodge provide. They are wonderful enthusiasts of the sport and knowledgeable about locations to dive around the island. They were patient with any questions I had and also helpful in getting my gear fitted. Underwater, they guided our small group to points of interest. In between dives back on the boat, they cracked open coconuts for us to drink as we enjoyed the view of the island and the vast ocean around us. The whole experience was wonderful!

    Also, a great thing about diving with Treelodge is that after wards, you are a 30 second walk from their restaurant, Bully’s. There, free local tangerines and bananas await; as well as their famous Bully’s fish burger, made from the catch of the day! ”
    Teresa Chan

  16. Tyler Hensley says:

    “Diving with Mark at Pacific Treelodge in Kosrae was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The visibility around the island was better than the Great Barrier Reef, and the sealife and coral reefs were stunningly beautiful.
    In addition to swimming with sea turtles, sharks, eels, rays, and many different species of giant fish, Mark provided us with fresh coconuts, citrus fruit, and sandwiches to complete the Micronesian experience…one which I will never forget!
    I also wanted to note that the hospitality provided to us volunteers by Mark and his wife Maria at Pacific Treelodge Resort, in the water, on the island, and at their restaurant “Bully’s” was incredible. Thanks again for everything Mark and Maria!”
    Tyler Hensley

  17. Megan McCrea says:

    It’s kind of a miracle that I learned to dive, really. From 2007-2009, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer on the island of Kosrae. I absolutely loved snorkeling, but—though it enticed me—diving terrified me.
    However, when a good friend who wanted to get his certification twisted my arm, I reluctantly agreed to take the PADI Open Water Diver certification class with him through Treelodge. My experience could not have been better. After two incredibly thorough, in-depth, personalized (and yet fun!) classroom sessions with Mark, I felt a bit more ready to take to the open water. For our “confined water” dives, Mark took us out to a very shallow area of the Blue Hole. Here, we could kneel down in about three feet of water so that, if we got nervous, we could literally pop our heads out of the water and breathe air. Armed with this knowledge, I preceded cautiously with our exercises. Due to my nervousness, I did indeed pop my head out of the water (more times than I can count!).
    Mark, though, was incredibly patient with me and Rich as we learned to dive. I felt that there was no hurry to get through our coursework, and that he did not want for us to go on our first dive (indeed, he wouldn’t take us on our first dive) until we felt completely comfortable in the water with our BCDs, regulators, and with all of the requisite skills to be a safe diver. When we finally did head out for our first open water dive, Mark was there for us, reassuring us that we did have the knowledge to dive. He accompanied us down the line, reminded us to pop our ears, and kept track of our dive on the computer, so that we could safely ascend at the right time and the right speed. Having Mark there on my first dives helped me feel incredibly safe and confident.
    Since my first few nervous dives, I have grown to love diving. Seeing the underwater world from such a unique vantage point, among the fishes, sharks, and turtles, is a truly amazing and incredible experience. Since that first course, I have continued to dive in Yap, Palau, and Mexico. And I know that I never could have surmounted my fear about diving without Mark’s incredible class.
    Treelodge, thank you so much for the gift of diving!
    I would heartily recommend Treelodge’s PADI course to anyone with the slightest inclination to dive. Mark and Maria will provide you with a fun, personalized program to learn diving at your own pace so that you, like me, can feel totally confident by the time that you head out on the boat for your first dive.
    Jump in!
    Megan McCrea , USA

  18. Jo and Phill Hayes County Durham, England says:

    “We travelled for 3 days from London, via South Korea, and Guam to Kosrae – a long tiring journey but the welcome we received when we arrived at Treelodge was brilliant. Not only the wonder of seeing our daughter and son-in-law after 2 long years but the chance to experience the warm hospitality of our hosts Maria, Mark and Ochie. Nothing was a problem and whatever we needed was provided. The chalet was very comfortable and extremely well serviced daily. We enjoyed many of our meals at “Bully’s” and took advantage of the leisure facilities on offer – kayaking, snorkelling and fishing and special nights at Bully’s restaurant. We would recommend the accommodation at Treelodge wholeheartedly.”
    Jo and Phill Hayes County Durham, England

  19. Simon & Lily Aliband says:

    “Mark and Maria are the perfect hosts on the magical island of Kosrae. Their
    enthusiasm for this unspoilt corner of the world and their generous hospitality help to create a wonderful sense of community amongst the travellers who find themselves in this part of the Pacific. Their cafe Bullys is the meeting point on the island, and rightly so. Mark, Maria and everyone at the Pacific Tree Lodge go out of their way to welcome guests and provide them with a home away from home. Kosrae is about diving, boating, jungle trekking, exploring mysterious ruins and generally relaxing in a place that is well off the beaten track – Mark and Maria share the paradise they have found that is Kosrae unselfishly with their guests and we warmly recommend anyone who is looking for something out of the ordinary to board the Continental island hopper, land in Kosrae and spend time with Mark and Maria at Pacific Treelodge. All in all, a wonderful experience.”
    Simon & Lily Aliband, Shanghai, China

  20. Pat Ramsden says:

    “Life at Pacific Tree Lodge is both exciting and brilliant. At once, I found the silent tranquility and peace of the mangrove forests extended to the casual and relaxing atmosphere of the lodge and restaurant. I was safe and calm, a brand new experience coming as I did from one of the hurried and harried downtown crowds of a Canadian city.
    I thought it both healing and exciting! This still untouched and unpretentious Island refuge in the equatorial rain forest centred in the Pacific is like finding your self six again and under the sprinkler or a fire hose but with the perspective of one who knows that these moments are most truly never to be repeated in our life time. With all the conveniences of my life at home present I felt pampered and enveloped by the love and the warm hospitality and attention of the resort hosts and their staff. The experience was like visiting family far away who have been waiting long for your arrival or perhaps like looking up from an evening swim and finding your dad standing by on the dock with a dry towel.
    When the rainy season arrived on the island the incessant falling water enchanted me. I stood in the rain and took endless pictures of water falling into tide pools, onto the roads, splashing onto puddles and dripping from the papaya branches, filling flower cups and tracing the veins of the ferns and banana leaves. Green will never again be so green. Wet will never been so wet. I will never again see 10,000 toads in one afternoon on a lawn! I will never again watch the crabs hightail it for the ocean during a full moon.
    I knew almost the moment I arrived that whether I was searching for one of the worlds unique travel and adventure locations, for a quiet reflecting pool to serve as a refuge from the madness of big city life, for simply a quiet place to construct lesson plans for my teaching week , or for a place to gather with friends and individuals who needed to socialize or watch a movie, Pacific Tree lodge would not only fill but surpass my expectations, and it did.
    Thank You, Maria and Mark, for your contributions to world sanity! if not world peace. Thank you for the moonlight cruises and the notable diligent attention to various green organizations and to the care, comfort and safety of your guests…and of course thank you for Happy Hour!

    Pat Ramsden, Canada

  21. Scott Aaron Kaltenbaugh says:

    “When I first moved to Kosrae, starting from no diving experience whatsoever, I had no idea what to expect from SCUBA or from the ocean waters of Kosrae. I was, in a word, astounded. Now having been diving here for two years, I know what to expect and yet every dive there is something else to take my breath away. Even my latest dive, my 26th in these waters, when I thought I had seen the best that I could see, I still surfaced in child-like giddiness at the two sharks, four turtles, and a school of barracuda so close as to make me almost lose my regulator.

    In two years of living here, doing dive training with Mark Stephens of Pacific Treelodge Resort, has been, without a doubt, among the greatest of experiences. I started with my basic Open Water certification and have progressed so far as to become a Rescue Diver. Every step of the way Mark’s care, professionalism, and knowledge made the journey safe, comfortable, and above all exciting. His love of diving is infectious and his concern for the protection of the reefs admirable.

    In truth there is only one concern that I have about having learned to dive here in Kosrae: That I have already seen the best the ocean has to offer, and that diving anywhere else will just be disappointing.”
    Scott Aaron Kaltenbaugh – DOE teacher 2008-2009

  22. Roy McGalliard says:

    “Kosrae is one of those places you have trouble forgetting. Treelodge makes that doubly true. The rooms were comfortable, the service was prompt. Bully’s was a great place to take meals and to relax at other times. Of course the exceptional thing about Treelodge was the Diving experience. Kosrae is one of the few High Islands in that area and has an extensive Barrier Reef all of which insures great diving. Of course, Mark’s experience and up to date equipment adds to the success of the Dives.”
    Roy McGalliard – North Caroline –

  23. Klaus Blex says:

    “I spent 3 nights on Kosrae, unfortunately ONLY 3 nights. I really loved this
    beautiful island and its warmhearted people. My stay at the Pacific Treelodge was
    another important factor why my stay was unforgettable. The owners, Maria and Mark,
    were always helpful and answered every question that came to my mind. The rooms in
    the Pacific Treelodge are spotless, clean and cozy. And you can`t beat the
    restaurant: the location is within a mangrove swamp on the premises and can be
    reached by a long wooden bridge. I enjoyed the serenity of this location every day
    for breakfast and dinner while having hearty and healthy food, freshly prepared of
    course. I am sure to come back to Kosrae and the Treelodge one day.
    Thank you very much for making my stay so comfortable!”
    Klaus Blex – Germany

  24. Shelley and Ryan says:

    “As New Yorkers, we were looking for a very relaxing, beautiful place to get away from it all when we eloped in 2009. The Pacific Treelodge Resort was helpful from the very beginning; Maria and Mark not only served as our witnesses, they also helped us get necessary paperwork done, found an officiant, offered us their gardener to clear a path for us in our semi-remote ceremony area and even took pictures and video for us throughout our ceremony. To say that we had an amazing experience is an understatement. Beyond our wedding ceremony we really enjoyed snorkeling around the unspoiled Kosrae coral and the food at Bully’s. If you’ve never eaten a green tangerine, a wahoo literally pulled out of the water that day or the world’s greatest yellow-fin tuna burgers–head to Kosrae, Micronesia; stay at the Pacific Treelodge Resort; and eat at Bully’s. You won’t regret it!”
    Shelley and Ryan – New York

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