Welcome to our unique forest island resort: You’ll not be our customer, You’ll be our friend!

Pacific Treelodge Resort’s wild trees and stunning ocean surroundings offer plentiful opportunity for exploration, adventure and relaxation. Whether it is canoeing down the Mother Snake’s mangrove channels, diving or snorkeling in the pristine ocean, hiking the lush mountains or ancient trails, or simply relaxing in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean you will be mesmerized by the diversity, abundance and beauty of local flora, fauna, animals and birds.

Surrounded by the three oldest most productive ecosystems on hearth, Pacific Treelodge is a rare place in Micronesia where you can experience the beauty of nature as it was created with all the comforts you want for your stay. Our commitment to the environment and sustainable development will be evident in every aspect of your stay with us. Whether it’s simply a walk to our restaurant along our wooden or recycled glass bridges, a dive in the pristine coral reefs of Kosrae or a visit to the only Terminalia Carolinensis forest in the world, you will be rewarded with an experience of untouched Micronesia.

Here is some feedback from recent guests:

“As New Yorkers, we were looking for a very relaxing, beautiful place to get away from it all when we eloped in 2009. The Pacific Treelodge Resort was helpful from the very beginning; Maria and Mark not only served as our witnesses, they also helped us get necessary paperwork done, found an officiant, offered us their gardener to clear a path for us in our semi-remote ceremony area and even took pictures and video for us throughout our ceremony. To say that we had an amazing experience is an understatement. Beyond our wedding ceremony we really enjoyed snorkeling around the unspoiled Kosrae coral and the food at Bully’s. If you’ve never eaten a green tangerine, a wahoo literally pulled out of the water that day or the world’s greatest yellow-fin tuna burgers–head to Kosrae, Micronesia; stay at the Pacific Treelodge Resort; and eat at Bully’s. You won’t regret it!”

Shelley and Ryan – New York

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2012 PADI Green Star Award: in recognition and appreciation of our conservation initiatives and commitment to the aquatic environment